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Soy wax is a relative new product, based on natural, renewable raw materials. It consists of 100% pure soy bean oil.
By a physico-chemical process, the oil is hardened. That is done for us by one of the largest food base material producer who is based in Europe. In theEC, the use of genetically modified soy is not approved for food - so our soy wax is GM - free, too.
Theoretically, you can even eat our soy wax. But it has not the necessary food regulatory approval, please do not try!

Soy wax burns with a nice, steady flame, free of soot. As with any candle please protect from drafts and shorten the wick if neccessary. soywax has a meltingpoint of app. 50 degrees Celsius.Very suitable for the production of candles in jars or other containers (d~40 to 60 mm).
Melt wax, pour into jars, allow to cool and put the wick inside at the right moment.
Wick proposal for d= 50mm flatwick 3x12.
An interesting physical phenomenon: soywax melts at about 50 degrees, then remains liquid until it reaches about 30 degrees.



The burning time of the soy wax tea lights of compared with paraffin is much longer.
They are environmentally friendly without aluminum cup - they have to be burnt in reusable tealight glasses.

If the teelight is burnt down just remove the wick plate an put another tea light into the glass.


Soy candle in  glas.
Burning time 6 to 45 hrs.
Item Nr. 2005 - 2010



1 week plant

1 month plant

80624 soja kilobarren

Bars with 1kg Soy wax